Pre-schoolers On the Move believes that birth is the time to begin teaching our children to love the Word of God and live according to it. When the Words of our Lord are engraved on the hearts of our young from birth, they will be better prepared to make a decision to follow after Jesus with all their hearts. Our ministry may very well save this generation from having to walk through some of the hardships we faced. In the midst of dirty diapers, dirty faces, and messy rooms, we are being used by God to clean up dirty hearts. What a blessing! Jesus truly stated it best when He said, "Such is the kingdom of Heaven." Our vision is to see a generation of young people saved and working for the kingdom of heaven, defeating the enemy's plan to steal the youth of this generation.

We believe that prayer is the answer to life's problems. We teach our babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers that praying is talking to God. We teach them that God cares for every area of their life, and will answer prayers that come from a pure heart.

We believe that the Bible is God's Word. We use Bibles with pictures of Jesus to begin teaching our children from birth that Jesus is in the Bible, and that He loves them very much. We teach them that they are to read the Bible and "do it".

We believe that we were created to worship our Lord. Worship is emphasized in every classroom from birth to kindergarten. As these young warriors learn who they are and who God is through worship, they will know and be prepared to share the heart of God to a world who struggles to find identity.