Water baptism signifies death to an old way of life and the start of a brand new one. If you haven't yet followed the Lord in water baptism, now is your time. COTM Water Baptism is offered following any regularly Wednesday Night or 12:30pm Sunday service. If you have any questions, please contact our offices at 575-622-7011 or visit the information center before service.

Expecting the arrival of a new little one? We offer baby dedication events after designated services to help you celebrate the occasion and dedicate your child to God. For more information or to sign up for our next event contact the church office at 575-622-7011.

Need a Ride to Church?

If you and your family is in need of a ride to any regular church service we offer van transportation to and from the campus.  Our vans will pick you up and drop you off right at the front door.  For more info or to sign up please contact the church office at 575-622-7011 before Friday at 12 pm for Sunday Service.  For Wednesday Services contact the office by 4pm or just leave a message in the mailbox for the van pickup.

Overcoming Addiction
Freedom in Recovery is a ministry focused on providing you with biblical solutions to breaking free from the bondage of addiction.  Classes are Held on Monday evenings from 6:00pm until 8:00pm..
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Outreach & Giving in Mexico

The Mexico Missions ministry offers care and resources to several orphanages for children and elderly.  Several trips are taken every year to transport christmas gifts, food, and other necessities to the orphanages, ministries, and pastors in need. Read More »

Just for the Guys

As the leaders of the church and our homes we believe it is importand that we come meet regularly to seek God's wisdom.  Our Men's ministry meets every other Saturday in the 180 building at 7am for a time of prayer and worship.