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We offer a quick and easy way to automatically receive the latest sermons to your portable device or computer. Contrary to popular belief an iPod is not required for Podcasts. You can receive the latest media direct to your computer and listen from there.

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Podcasting is a method of publishing files via the Internet, allowing users to subscribe to a feed to receive new files automatically. For us, it enables the user(you) to receive the Sermon audio files automatically, everytime a new sermon is posted.


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Speaker Title Date Length
Pastor Troy Smothermon UnSurprised 05/20/15 45:43
Pastor Troy Smothermon Can I Trust You?? Pt.4 05/17/15 48:31
Pastor Troy Smothermon Victimless 05/13/15 57:48
Julie Smothermon Mothers Day 05/10/15 25:11
Pastor Troy Smothermon God of Multiplication 05/06/15 28:57
Pastor Troy Smothermon Can I Trust You?? Pt.3 05/03/15 51:03
Pastor Troy Smothermon Can I Trust You?? Pt.2 04/26/15 53:55
Pastor Shawn Kelly Put It In Park 04/19/15 30:17
Pastor Savino Sanchez Walk the Talk 04/15/15 28:40
Pastor Troy Smothermon Can I Trust You?? Pt.1 04/12/15 45:18
Pastor Troy Smothermon Our Calling 04/08/15 48:10
Pastor Troy Smothermon Resurrected Life pt.2 04/05/15 41:26
Pastor Troy Smothermon Things I Want You to Know About My Father 04/01/15 56:16
Pastor Troy Smothermon Resurrected Life pt.1 03/29/15 47:08
Pastor Shawn Kelly Your Gift to God 03/25/15 36:43

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