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Speaker Title Date Length
Pastor Troy Smothermon Compassion in the Chaos 10/17/21 46:31
Pastor Troy Smothermon Medicine 10/13/21 53:15
Pastor Troy Smothermon Peace in the Chaos 10/10/21 54:42
Pastor Steve Smothermon Jr. Attitude is Free 10/03/21 40:42
Pastor Tim Aguilar Training Season 09/29/21 50:11
Pastor Steve Smothermon Jr. Your Past is not Your Future 09/26/21 37:52
Pastor Shawn Kelly Trophies and Treasures 09/22/21 50:34
Pastor Steve Smothermon Jr. Perspective 09/19/21 36:10
Pastor Sergio Tirado The Unperceived Miracle 09/15/21 41:56
Pastor Troy Smothermon In Faith pt.5 09/12/21 53:42
Pastor Troy Smothermon Christ the Healer pt.6 09/08/21 45:08