Want to give above your normal tithe? Check out the other funds you can give to!

180 NextGen: funds the renovation of the Oneighty building.
 Generations Building Fund: funds the new Kids on the Move addition.
Israel Fund: supports the national food bank, Leket Israel, which feeds the needy people of Israel.
CCPRC: offers free and confidential pregnancy tests, Parenting/Pregnancy classes for parents, and an emergency needs program for families in need.
Mexico Missions: aids in the cost of transporting Christmas gifts, food, and other necessities to the orphanages, ministries, and pastors in need in the Juarez community and surrounding areas.
Food Pantry: supports our local food bank to provide a food box to persons in need.
Pastor Appreciation: is one way to bless the senior pastor and his family in appreciation for serving the needs of our church family and their families.
CYFD Thanksgiving: Helps pay for food and supplies needed to provide the foster families & biological families with a Thanksgiving dinner.
Law Enforcement Steakout: is an annual event to celebrate all first responders, including law enforcement and EMT's with a steak lunch.
Safe House Project: funds the cost of building a home for victims of sex trafficking.
Oneighty: provides resources and services to minister to jr. high & high school students in our community.
Freedom in Recovery: is our Faith-based 12 Step Program to overcome and break the chains of addiction of any kind.
KOTM: provides resources and services to minister to elementary aged students in our community.
 Life Impact: is an organization that we support to help rescue children from trafficking in Myanmar & Thailand.
Gideon's International: is dedicated to making the Word of God available to everyone.
Veterans Fund: helps care for and recognize veterans in our community through various projects or celebrations.

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What am I worth?

In 2016, Church on the Move completed the newest construction, and the greatest investment we've made in our children with the Kids on the Move addition. 4 years later, it's time to invest again!

We are completely gutting our existing oneighty youth building to bring it completely up to code, reflect our current architechtural style throughout our campus, and to give our teenagers the safest and highest quality facility in New Mexico to learn about Jesus, connect with other students, and have fun!

Your giving is the only way we can make this happen! By watching the video below, you can find a variety of ways to give, and how to help spread the word about the NextGen giving campaign!


Click this button, and select "180 NextGen" to start giving!

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